The information gate to intellectual property rights. The page includes practical and detailed information on legal aspects of authors’ and performers’ rights, etc. Available only in Estonian.

Estonian Authors’ Society

EAU administers all kinds of authors’ rights, however, the main aim for the society is to represent authors of musical works and authors of works of art. EAU concludes agreements with the users of works on behalf of authors and distributes the fees to the authors. The Estonian page presents the list of members – the majority of Estonian music authors, artists and publishers.

Ministry of Justice Blog on IP reformation

The blog presents all the developments and most important documents concerning the Intellectual Property legislation and its reformation in Estonia. It gives the readers overview of what is going on in the field and allows to post comments and suggestions. Available only in Estonian.

FAQ about copyrights

Frequently asked questions about various copyright matters. What does copyright mean? Is it the same all over the world? How does it benefit creators etc.

Music Industry ABC – Copyright

Thorough article about copyrights. Available only in Estonian.