Company registration portal

In the Centre of Registers and Information Systems you could establish your new company in two minutes over the Internet.

Steps for starting a company

Selection and verification of the business name, selecting and verifying a trademark, legal protection for trademarks, selecting a primary area of activity, registering a company, registration with the Tax and Customs Board, registering employees with the Health Insurance Fund, registering an Internet domain

FIE – Sole Proprietor

Official Estonian Information System answers questions like: What must be done before establishing a FIE? How to register a FIE? What are the costs of establishing a FIE? How long will it take to establish a FIE? What must be done after registering a FIE?

Non-profit association registration in Estonia

Practical and detailed advice for registration proceedings of a non-profit association.

Estonian Tax and Customs Board

General information on declaration of income of sole proprietors.