ArtUpCareer was established with the project “Access” that was funded by Central Baltic INTERREG IV A Program 2007-2013. The general aim for “Access” was to build a framework for art, design and music students to foster and support their creativity.

In 2019 ArtUpCareer was relaunched by Estonian Academy of Music and Theatre to provide their students and other Estonian creatives the opportunity to easily find work placements and also collaborate in various projects with other talent. The webpage also provides crucial information in starting a career in the fields of music, theatre and entrepreneurship

For Students: Why to use ArtUpCareer?

·       Free international marketing: promote yourself or advertise a new project / job offer.

·       Connect with others, find creative jobs and opportunities.

·       Attend entrepreneurial courses and events.

·       Find useful information about how to build up a career or enterprise in Estonia.

For Guests: Why to use ArtUpCareer?

·      Reach active students of music, theatre or cultural management directly by checking the Profiles

·      Find interns, volunteers of employees for creative positions, projects or gigs.

·       Share your calls for free and reach students interested in new offers.

·       Avoid waistng time on promoting your call at anonymous job portals, but target future professionals of the academy

For Guests: How to use Artupcareer to share the offers?

·     Send your offer /call to the administrator of ArtUpCareer or to any other contact you have from the Academy.

·      Add a photo or image, if possible to make your message to stand out

·       Add contact information and deadline so that interested students could reach you directly

·     Be aware that the administrators will post only the calls relevant to professional life for our students

·       Once published at ArtUpCareer, your call will reach all the students of all disciplines of the Estonian Academy of Music and Theatre

Administrated by Estonian Academy of Music and Theatre:

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